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Festival Tweetakt 2020 – Theater, music & art for everyone!

Festival Tweetakt in Utrecht is an arts festival for everyone, with theater, dance, music, visual arts and more. By young talents and experienced makers from Utrecht, from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from far beyond. And suitable for all ages, from toddlers to youngsters to grandparents! Tweetakt takes place in two places: in the city centre and on the fort.

With lots of theater and dance performances – including premieres and reproductions, own productions and special projects – in two temporary theaters on the Neude and in, among others, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht and Theater Kikker. On the Neude you can hear live music almost every day – from indie to world music, from hip-hop to modern classical and from danceable electronics to singer-songwriters. There is also a snack bar with a terrace, and a number of art installations.

At the adventurous Fort Ruigenhoek in Groenekan, just north of Overvecht, Tweetakt presents an exhibition with exciting visual art for all ages. In all the nooks and crannies of the green fort large sculptures, interactive installations, video art and games, made by renowned artists and young talents, can be found. Furthermore, there are theater and dance performances, screenings of youth documentaries and a large terrace with food and drinks.

For more information about Festival Tweetakt, interview requests or requests regarding visual material, please contact us via or 030 7116640.

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