14 June - 30 June 2024
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Festival Tweetakt wants to lower thresholds to enable the widest audience possible to have a cultural experience. By partnering with us you help us achieve our social goal and you as a business are embracing sustainability.

But it’s not only about showing social commitment. Working together with Festival Tweetakt also comes with a host of other benefits, ranging from brand profiling to team building to networking.

  • Tailor-made packages for clients & employees
  • Visibility across a large and diverse audience
  • In-house workshops and training
  • Social engagement

To start with, our programme offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy theatre, dance, music, comedy and fine arts at the various locations, with or without the addition of good meal & drinks. A great opportunity to treat your relations or employees to an inspiring afternoon or evening, in a theatre, at the Neude or Fort Ruigenhoek.

Social organisations can also form partnerships with us. This could be expressed in, for example, a group visit to one of our performances, possibly with an introductory workshop or a post-show discussion.

If you want to work internally with your team on any particular angle, a theatre workshop, communication training, or presentation techniques workshop may be a useful addition to your package at our festival. Tell us your wishes and we will provide a suitable arrangement.

Alternatively, our partnership can focus on increasing your brand recognition or other marketing goals. Thanks to our various publicity channels, there are plenty of options to choose from for the placement of logos, partner banners and advertisements.

Current partners include Bavaria, Brandmeester’s, Libertas Pascal, Jeugdfonds Cultuur Utrecht, VluchtelingenWerk Nederland. See this page for a complete overview.


Contact Wytske Mullenders for more information about sponsorship and partnerships, via w.mullenders@tweetakt.nl or call 030-7116640.

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