14 June - 30 June 2024
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Art’s connecting power

Festival Tweetakt wants to reach the broadest audience possible, from young to old, and bring everyone into contact with high-quality and modern youth art, driven by the conviction that art can connect people with each other and harmonise the multicultural society we live in today. In addition, Festival Tweetakt is convinced that art can contribute to the identity building of young people and that they can be challenged through art to participate actively in society.

The starting point for the programming is that works of art arise from the desire of the artists to share with as many others as possible, nobody excluded, what inspires them and what they cannot express in any better way than the form they give it. The biggest hurdle in connecting art to a diverse, broad audience is the idea that many people wrongly subscribe to: that art is not meant for them. Festival Tweetakt views it as its mission to abolish this misunderstanding. Year after year, the most diverse audience groups turn out to feel affinity with art, once they have taken that first step to give it a try.

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