14 June - 30 June 2024
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Tweetakt Educatie Utrecht
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Tweetakt in the classroom

Tweetakt believes everyone should be able to experience art in their own way. Regardless of how young you are or how familiar you are with art and culture.

Over the past seventeen years, Festival Tweetakt in Utrecht has grown into one of Europe’s biggest art festivals for young audiences. Aside from a jam-packed programme featuring theatre, dance, music and interactive art, Tweetakt offers a wide range of educational activities.

Tweetakt Education: learning to see, learning to reflect
Each show or work of art deserves its own framework of activities. Our lessons and workshops are carefully composed by our Education Department and taught by certified drama teachers. To us, art education is not a means to explain shows or works of art. Tweetakt teaches participants to see for themselves and trust their own reflection. We invite them to take their own thoughts and creative imagination seriously when experiencing art. This approach ensures each workshop, introduction and after talk leads to the best possible artistic experience for all ages!

Tweetakt’s educational programme is spread across the disciplines and aimed at primary, secondary and higher education. Every year, several thousand children, adolescents and young adults visit the festival in groups to see and experience shows and works of art.

Would you like to discuss the options? We are happy to help you out! Please contact Kathelyn Spanjers via k.spanjers@tweetakt.nl or phone 030-7116640.

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