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What is Festival Tweetakt?

Festival Tweetakt, in Utrecht, is an arts festival for everyone! It has theatre and dance performances, music performances, fine arts, interactive installations, and more. Made by young talents as well as experienced theatre makers, from Utrecht, from the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from far abroad. And suitable for all ages, from toddlers to young adults to grandparents.

What can you expect at Tweetakt?
At Tweetakt you can see the most exciting representations of what is currently happening in the field of contemporary performing arts for youth. You can see new productions, for example, or established hits being revisited by well-known companies such as Theater Artemis or Studio ORKA. A fixed spot in the theatre programme is reserved for a performance by students of the HKU. A fantastic opportunity to see the new talent that everyone will soon be talking about shine now already! This is also true of our music programme. We invite promising acts to come and perform in the Podiumkas. A stepping stone to success! During previous editions of the festival, Ronnie Flex, Thijs Boontjes and Snelle, for example, performed. But well-known names such as Roxeanne Hazes, Roosbeef and Tim Knol have also performed at Tweetakt.

In addition, our education programme enables 7,000 children and young people to become more acquainted with art and theatre every year. Tweetakt offers them a lot of tools to explore it and make up their own minds about art and culture.

Festival Tweetakt is a festival for everyone!
Every part of the programme is an experience! And you don’t need any prior knowledge or art experience for that. This way, everyone is welcome at Tweetakt. Do you not yet speak Dutch fluently or are you coming to Tweetakt with foreign-language friends? Check out our Language No Problem programme. Do you want to learn and experience more? Then come to our post-show discussions and workshops.

The Tweetakt locations
Festival Tweetakt 2021 takes place at various locations in Utrecht. You can find us on the Neude, in Utrecht theatres, and at Fort Ruigenhoek. Will we see you there?

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