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Tweetakt Educatie Utrecht
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Tweetakt in the classroom

Tweetakt wants everyone to have access to (stage) art, including target groups that do not naturally come into contact with culture.

We do this in two ways, namely through watching and participating. We organize a wide range of educational activities, which means that a few thousand children and young people visit the festival every year to see a performance or artwork. The purpose of arts education is that children and young people establish a connection with what they see. The starting point is looking and interpreting without having an opinion on it. In order to fit in well with all our various performances and artworks, we are looking for a form that stimulates the audience’s own experience and interpretation. We ensure the right connection through workshops, introductions and follow-up discussions. The education projects focus on participation, talent development and the optimal preparation of children and young people for their visit to the festival. The educational offer of Tweetakt can be found in every discipline, for primary, secondary and higher education.

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