14 June - 30 June 2024
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Tweetakt Passe-partout

With a Tweetakt Passe-partout you can visit (almost) all performances at Festival Tweetakt and enjoy unlimited visits to Fort Ruigenhoek.

Our passe-partouts are back this year! With a passe-partout you have unlimited access to dance and theatre performances throughout the entire festival period, which is almost three weeks.

Regular €75,- | buy a regular passe-partout
Under 18 €45,- | buy a passe-partout for childeren
U-card €45,- | buy your passe-partout with a U-card-discount
Student €45,- | buy your passe-partout with a student discount

Have you already bought a Tweetakt Passe-partout? This is how it works

  • You have received a digital card in the confirmation email. Do you prefer a physical card? This will be ready for you from the start of the festival at the box office at Fort Ruigenhoek. Any tickets you order will be charged onto your digital and physical card and the card will be scanned at the venue doors. Note: you will not receive e-tickets.
  • Your passe-partout allows you to order one free ticket per show. Please order in time, as once a show is sold out, there will be no more free tickets available.
  • There are two ways to order free tickets: through your Tweetakt-account on the website, or using the passe-partout card at the box office on Fort Ruigenhoek.
  • You can find any free tickets you order in an overview in your account on the website.
  • It is not possible to order free tickets to shows that overlap or that take place at the same time.
  • If you order a free ticket and decide that you will not go after all, please let us know via e-mail, kaartverkoop@tweetakt.nl. This will allow us to make the ticket available to someone else.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Tweetakt passe-partout is strictly personal. We identify passe-partout holders using the name /  passport photo on the physical card.
  • The passe-partout in itself does not give you access to shows. You will need a free ticket charged to the card for any part of the programme you intend to visit. This will be checked at the doors to the venues.
  • Please don’t be late. Admission absolutely cannot be granted after the published showtime.
  • As an exception, certain shows may be excluded from the passe-partout. If this is the case, we will clearly stipulate the restriction on the pages of this particular show.
  • The Festival Tweetakt 2021 programme is subject to change. We will inform (free) ticket holders of any changes to shows via e-mail.
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