14 June - 30 June 2024
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Matt Tomasello

Skateboarder Matt Tomasello is a computer technician by profession, but he became famous the world over with his Instagram posts in which he performs his virtuoso skateboard tricks. His most popular videos are the ones in which he singlehandedly enhances his boards with his original inventions. During a jump, half a board spins, because he sawed it in two. Another board has been fitted with wings that feature an extra set of wheels, so that when he jumps, he spreads his wings. At Fort Ruigenhoek you can see Tomassello’s prepared boards and a selection of his most amazing videos. In this YouTubevideo you can already see a lot of spectacular tricks.

Matt Tomasello is from Boston, US. He is a member of the Fancy Lad skateboarding collective, which is known for its creative skate videos and non-traditional skateboard constructions.

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