Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

Volunteer positions

HOSPITALITY (18+) in the city

The Tweetakt Hospitality team ensures that visitors enjoy the food and drinks in the greenhouse. As a Hospitality volunteer you enjoy being busy and are not afraid of working hard. This team is the ones that makes the first visitors their early morning coffee and turns off the lights at the end of the evenings on the Neude. Because to the responsibility and the late working hours, a volunteer allowance is available for the Hospitality team. Experience in the hospitality industry is desirable because of the different activities; walking with plates, taking orders, tapping beers and making perfect coffees. Prior to the festival, there will be a few contact moments with your team coordinator, so that we can find out together which position would be the perfect place for you in this team.


The construction team is the team that ensures that within 2 weeks an empty Neude is transformed into Tweetakt. We are looking for people who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Do you like doing some construction work in the open air? Then this is the team for you! In this team, you will take care of all sorts of chores: wallpapering, painting, decorating or building the artworks on the fort. Loading and unloading the trucks and hitting the road as a co-driver are also possibilities. In short, everything that has to be done to make an atmospheric festival! This team is hard work, but there is also a lot of time for fun. Based on your availability and interests, you will be assigned to Fort Ruigenhoek and / or de Neude.

CONSTRUCTION TEAM on Fort Ruigenhoek

The construction team is pre-eminently a creative and instructional job function. Within this team you will work together with the artists that exhibit work on the fort, but also with the producers in the bunkers, where the artworks are on display. You support them in their work and you will build up the festival grounds in the open air. The jobs vary from riding with the box truck, building the terrain, to painting and building works of art. Within this team it is nice if you have an affinity with art and if you like to roll up your sleeves! The build-up at Fort Ruigenhoek starts in the third week of March. Everything will be dismantled starting the third week of June.


In this function, you are representing Tweetakt, so being hospitable and being customer-friendly is a requirement. As a public accompanist you are present in the theater halls, on the Neude or at other festival locations. You scan the tickets, answer questions from visitors or help during the performance itself. In this team it is important that you are flexible, do not you mind if it is suddenly busy or quiet and you can switch between jobs quickly. You are representative and like to be in contact with the visitors. You have affinity with the Tweetakt programm and like to participate. If you recognize yourself in this, this function is perfect for you!


Poffertjes champions, gather around! Do you like to feed all Tweetakt visitor, do you have catering ambitions and do you like to do varied work? Then this function is really something for you! In this team you will bake poffertjes and also support the catering team in all kinds of chores where they can use help. This is ideal to get hospitality and catering experience. When registering, please indicate whether you want to work on the Neude or on Fort Ruigenhoek.


In the kitchen, this team is in direct contact with the chefs and the hospitality team to ensure that the food is ready in time, so that all employees, artists and volunteers can eat on time. As a catering volunteer you are hospitable, you like to make people happy with something to eat and you take care of your work environment. In addition, you support the hospitality team and the kitchen during peak times in the restaurant greenhouse.


Are you reliable, enthusiastic and interested in the theater and music program of Tweetakt? As a cashier you are the first point of contact for the visitor and the link between ticket sales and the participating location. You sell tickets and give the visitor the necessary information about the performances. You know something about the performances and are also able to convey this to the visitors. In short, you give tailored advice. Having cash register experience is good, but not a requirement. We provide a cash desk and information training in which you get acquainted with the festival program, the ticket sales and the cash register system. Due to the responsibility associated with this function, a small volunteer allowance is available.


As a guide you are hospitable and supervise the artworks at Fort Ruigenhoek. You are the face of the festival and the first point of contact for visitors to the artworks. You contribute to the relaxed atmosphere on the fort. At the same time you are alert and flexible, and you do not mind if there is nothing to do or if it is very busy. Together with the employees and the other volunteers you ensure that the artworks are neat and that the visitors are aware of the activities going on at the fort. Do you have good social skills, do you enjoy being outdoors and do you enjoy talking about art? Then the function of fort guide is a perfect fit for you! It is important that you are not afraid to start a conversation. Openness to the visitor, the artwork and showing initiative are central in this function.


As a Festival guide you have a love for art and the Tweetakt program. Just like our artists, you are used to the spotlight and dare to speak to people. During the festival, you are in contact with the Publicity department, which keeps you informed of all the ins & outs of the program and provides all the information you need to inform the visitors. You get exclusive access to try-outs and registrations of performances that can be seen at the festival. By seeing, hearing and experiencing a lot, you can compile a personal program with the visitor. Does this appeal to you? Then sign up as a Festivalguide!


Are you flexible and do you not mind doing different jobs? As a flex-worker you do not always know in advance what you will do during your shift. You are deployed where you are needed at that moment and you will probably take on multiple tasks in one day. The nice thing about this team is that you get a good picture of the various departments and activities of the festival. This is a suitable function for a jack-of-all-trades who likes to help out everywhere needed, but also does not find it annoying to occasionally have to wait for a job. In this team, you will get to know many people from other teams are thus a true all-rounder. Previous volunteer experience is nice but not necessary for this job.


We are looking for volunteers who wants to operate our, very much famous, Tweetakt whirligig! The whirligig is at the center of the festival square on the Neude, but starting from 21 April, will be at Fort Ruigenhoek.  As an operator of the whirligig you are attentive and good with children. Do you like to take care of the soaring Tweetakt visitors and the whirligig during the festival? Then this is something for you! Because of the responsibility associated with this function, a small fee is available. Specify whether you want to get started on the Neude or Fort Ruigenhoek, but of course you can also do both.


Do you have affinity with hospitality? Or do you want to gain experience? At Fort Ruigenhoek you can get to work in our festival café where, among other things, delicious apple pie is served. You support the cook and the bar head in their work. Catering experience is not necessary, but it is an advantage. Do you want to get to work in the most beautiful outdoor location in the hospitality industry? Sign up for this position.

Register directly? You can do that here: https://www.festivalroosters.nl/app/storm/aanmelden/18/