Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

Vadertje & Moedertje


Theater Kikker, Grote zaal

A show about fairytales and how these medieval fabrications still determine our moral thinking and division of roles today.

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Open any toyshop brochure and the world is presented in pinks and blues, dolls and toy cars, girls and boys. It seems the first seem to collectively dream of vacuum cleaners and babies, while the second cannot wait to use a drill or fly an aeroplane. She sweeps the floor and shines the copper pots while he is off exploring the universe as an astronaut. Girls are pretty and do as they are told, boys are tough and active. As it has been, or so we are told, for years and years and years.

I’ll wear a dress and be mother. You’ll wear a moustache and be father.
And you. You’ll be our child.  
It’s just that we are too poor to take care of you.  
So we are sending you into the forest with a crust of stale bread.  
Then I’ll be a talking hedgehog and force you to wait for what’s to come.  
And then our adventure begins.

Why do we do the things “like so” just because it seems as if everyone is doing them “like so”? Let’s put everything we’ve ever thought about each other into a big drum, shake it really hard and see what’s left. Everything must change.  

Theatergezelschap BonteHond creates physical, anarchist, richly imagined theatre shows for all ages which it presents in luxury theatres and shabby football cafeterias, at artistic festivals and lively fairs, from the Netherlands to all the way in China. They make documentaries, write summertime hits, develop school programs, come up with exhibitions and are even working on a television series. They have something to offer for everyone  and defy being pigeon-holed.


Concept and directed by: René Geerlings 
Text: Sanne Schuhmacher 
Performance: Michiel Blankwaardt, Reinier van Harten, Tessa Jonge Poerink en Manon Nieuweboer 
Composition: Reinier van Harten 
Dramaturgy: Judith Faas 
Director assistance: Millie Lijbers 
Costume and decor design: Calle de Hoog 
Lighting design: Remko van Wely 
Set construction: Buurtsuper Decor 
Technique: Klim Nelissen 
Production: Sanne Priem 
With thanks to REINDIER and Wim Conradi

Teaser Vadertje & Moedertje


31 maart14.30 - 15.30
1 april10.00 - 11.00


  • €10,- CJP
  • €16,- Volwassenen
  • €10,- Tot 18 jaar
  • €10,- Student
  • €10,- U-pas
  • Accessibility

  • rolstoelvriendelijk
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