Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June


Theater Stap

Stadsschouwburg, Blauwe Zaal

Remake of toddler-theater hit from 2006 with a picture book-like decor and a beautiful soundscape

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Three friendly neighbors live next to each other. Three neighbors who peek. Over a hedge, through a window, from the roof. They meet each other regularly: with the ducks, at birthday parties and in their dreams. One day, one of them confesses that he has never dived: much too daring. A pool is being filled and the two others are trying to get the third neighbor in the water.

tu’tu is a performance about grass machines, about cows and about calves, about large and small, about grass that is greener elsewhere, about success and failure, about box trees and birds’ nests and especially about neighbors who peek! The performance from 2006 was enthusiastically received and was nominated for the Cultuurprijs Vlaanderen in the youth theater category.

Theater Stap is a professional theater company that creates performances in which people with a mental disability are the central point of focus. tu’tu is a remake of the toddler-theater hit from 2006. It is full of playfulness and honest naivety. The three actors who played tu’tu eleven years ago, now more gentlemen than boys, are still part of Theater Stap. Rik Van Raak has more than thirty years of loyal service. Luc Loots traveled with multiple performances to other parts of the world and even performed a solo performance. Gert Wellens has a career as a film actor in addition to his theater experience.

Theater Stap has performed on Tweetakt before, about 15 years ago with OOK and in 2016 with the dance performance To Belong.

Directed by: Daphne Laquière
Performance: Luc Loots, Rik Van Raak en Gert Wellens
Dramaturgy: Ann Saelens
Music: Bo Spaenc

Trailer tu’tu (2006)


14 april16.00 - 16.40


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  • €7,50 Tot 18 jaar
  • €7,50 Student
  • €7,50 U-pas
  • Accessibility

  • language no problem
  • rolstoelvriendelijk
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