Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

The Bitchboy Project

Lars Brinkman

Theater Kikker, Grote zaal

A physical solo by a young hero who explores and embraces his feminine side.

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One day in drama school, Lars Brinkman was given the assignment to play a real man. But what exactly is a real man? And who was Lars himself? Time to explore. After graduating, Lars went in search of the feminine side to being a boy in The Bitchboy Project.

Lars is interested in the conventional norm and everything awkward that falls outside of it. Where are the boundaries and where the grey areas in gender and sexuality? In The Bitchboy Project Lars explores the far extremes of his personality and his body and shares his fantasies with his audience. Instead of attempting to present his viewers with an easy answer, he intends to sweep them along into his world, challenge them, confuse them and also tempt them, so they will start thinking about who they are themselves.

Lars Brinkman (1993) graduated as an actor from HKU University of the Arts in 2017. After graduating he continued his personal search as a theatre maker and performer with The Bitchboy Project. With Ayla Satijn, he made earlier shows like Droombeeld and Schemertijd under the name MORPHEUS. In 2019 he will be making his next solo piece for Theater Na de Dam, for which he will be drawing on the untold story of homosexuality during World War and the idolisation of the male body in the SS-army.

Concept and performance:
Lars Brinkman
Sound design: Tijmen Lohmeijer
Coach: Randi De Vlieghe


13 april21.30 - 22.30


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