Festival Tweetakt 2019
29 March till 16 June



Het Huis Utrecht, Theaterzaal

For anyone who would like to color outside the lines

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Camiel tries to recreate the painting of his great example Jackson Pollock. But how does he get the right spot of paint in the right place? Does he have to drip, pour, splash, throw paint? Should he be working with brushes or sticks or full pots? He even goes as far as using his whole body. But no matter how he turns, jumps, rolls or floats, his painting does not look like the original. Plock! is a colorful children’s performance, in which the audience witnesses how the canvas on the ground is supposed to become a revolutionary abstract painting.

The company grensgeval takes the children’s fantasy and the child’s intuition as a starting point, with the result: Plock! A visual circus sound theater that stimulates all the senses, with buzzing paint pots, colored sounds, dancing paint and an acrobatic painter. grensgeval believes in the added value of a cross-pollination between different disciplines and always wants to operate on those borders. Artists with different artistic backgrounds surprise, inspire and disrupt each other, in order to arrive at a new, very own performance language.

Geef een Toegift

Last year, Geef een Toegift was launched by De Verenigde Podiumkunstenfestivals. In the whole country, festival audiences are invited to buy an entrance ticket for someone with less financial means, in order to make art and culture accessible to a wider audience. This year, Tweetakt uses Geef een Toegift for refugee families with which VluchtelingenWerk and Welkom in Utrecht have contact. Tweetakt visitors can purchase an additional family ticker for a refugee family when ordering their tickets online. These families can enjoy one of the youth performances at Festival Tweetakt.

Do you want to buy a Geef een Toegift ticket and make a refugee family happy? That is possible for the performances ChitChat (4+) and Plock! (3+). Buy a ticket here, for a parent or child.

Conceived, directed and performed by:
Hanne Vandersteene en Mahlu Mertens
Acrobatics: Camiel Corneille
Sound concept: Stijn Dickel
Costume design: Sofie Rosseel
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp
Technician and lightning: Jeroen Doise en Saul Mombaerts
Campaign image: Maud Langaskens

website: www.grensgeval.eu

Teaser Plock!


5 april13.00 - 13.55
6 april13.00 - 13.55
6 april15.30 - 16.25


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  • €16,- Volwassenen
  • €10,- Tot 18 jaar
  • €10,- Student
  • €10,- U-pas
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