Festival Tweetakt 2019
29 March till 16 June

Ein Stück Teilen

Kompanie Freispiel

Theater Kikker, Kleine zaal

Three friends share everything: from toothbrush to underwear

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Three friends have come up with the idea to share everything fairly. In the beginning, that’s fine, because sharing is fun. Especially if it becomes more difficult and you need a saw.

But gradually the three friends turn out to be less good at sharing than they thought. It is not always fair: one takes a little more, the other takes it back, and the third picks up extra for reserve. The difference between mine and thine is completely lost. So that will be squabbling! Fortunately, there are children in the room. They can help the friends.

Ein Stück Teilen is an absurd and funny theater performance, in which the makers take a close look at all sides of ‘giving and taking’. Philosophical and imaginative, with cardboard boxes, poetic decor, exciting moments and double claps of laughter. A performance about friendship, and justice and injustice.

Siruan Darbandi, Keno Meiners and Kajetan Uranitsch prove that theater for young audiences does not have to be simple, childish and educational and that good theater appeals to all ages..” Tanzschrift

Ein Stück Teilen was nominated for a Stella 2017, the Austrian performing prize for young audiences.

Kompanie Freispiel is an Austrian theater company that was founded in 2010. The productions are mostly collaborations between the theater makers and performers Kajetan Uranitsch, Siruan Darbandi and Simon Schober. The company wants to reach young hearts, make them enthusiastic, make them laugh, with simple means and recognizable situations.

Kajetan Uranitsch graduated from the Mime School in Amsterdam in 2016. He has performed at Schweigman &, Theater Artemis and Golden Palace, among others, and was involved in the creation of Wild Meat. He will also be featured on Tweetakt this year with the performance Die Welt in der wir leben and with his solo project Detective Le Schmou, a Tweetakt production that was seen as a work-in-progress at Fort Ruigenhoek in 2018.

Kajetan Uranitsch, Siruan Darbandi, Barbara Juch en Keno Meiners
Director: Siruan Darbandi en Kajetan Uranitsch
Concept: Kajetan Uranitsch
Music: Siruan Darbandi
Dramaturgy: Barbara Juch
Production: Simon Schober
Production assistant: Natalia Wartinger
Lighting: Hannes Röbisch
Costume design and set design: Jasmin Hasler


5 april13.00 - 13.55
6 april14.30 - 15.25(Première)


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  • €16,- Volwassenen
  • €10,- Tot 18 jaar
  • €10,- Student
  • €10,- U-pas
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  • language no problem
  • rolstoelvriendelijk
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