Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

Die Welt in der wir leben

Kajetan Uranitsch / Katelijne Beukema

Festivalplein de Neude, Trekkerschuur

Comical and physical performance about how the world works, with clay and a video screen

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In an empty space with only a video screen and a piece of clay on the ground, Kajetan and Katelijne continually portray new historical events (for example, “the invention of the chair”) or concepts (“smoke break”), while on the screen the meaning is always typed. Gradually the screen takes over the initiative and the game follows the words instead of the other way around, until the performers, exhausted by the person who operates the laptop, decide to drag him on the stage and bury him under a mountain of things.

Kajetan and Katelijne take you on an absurd journey between facts and fiction, truth and lies. Their great source of inspiration is the artwork Plötzlich diese Übersicht by the Swiss artists Fischli and Weiss. An insane work consisting of more than two hundred clay figurines of historical events, like the landing of the Allies in Normandy and the invention of the miniskirt. All figurines together form an “encyclopedic overview of all knowledge of the world” according to the artists. Fun fact: Die Welt in the wir leben was the working title of that work of art.

“One of the best performances this year is Die Welt in der wir leben (…) Witty performance that explores in an inventive way why we tend to look for significance everywhere.” – NRC Handelsblad

Kajetan Uranitsch graduated from the Mime School in Amsterdam in 2016. He has played at Schweigman &, Theater Artemis and Golden Palace and was involved in the creation of Wild Meat. Kajetan will also play his solo project Detective Le Schmou on Tweetakt this year (this was to be seen as a work-in-progress at Fort Ruigenhoek in 2018) and in the comical Ein Stück Teilen by his youth theater company Kompanie Freispiel (from Vienna).

Katelijne Beukema graduated in 2018 from the acting studies at the Utrecht School of the Arts with the solo You might die. She also played them at Festival Tweetakt and the ITS Festival.

©Annelies Verhelst

Makers: Katelijne Beukema en Kajetan Uranitsch
Performed by: Katelijne Beukema, Kajetan Uranitsch en Tea Teearu


12 april19.30 - 20.15


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