Festival Tweetakt 2019
29 March till 16 June

Detective Le Schmou

Kajetan Uranitsch / Festival Tweetakt

Festivalplein de Neude, Trekkerschuur

Comical theater about an arrogant detective who has to solve a theater crime

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Detective Le Schmou finds himself the best secret detective there is. No mystery is too big for him. Le Schmou is a hyper-curious know-it-all of unknown origin, which thinks is suspicious. Even children. Sometimes this distrust takes him a step further, but often it distracts him from the real crime.

Detective Le Schmou takes you along the important traces and indications of a real theater crime. For this he may need the help of the public. But only the best and most courageous onlookers can help him find the perpetrator. Another case to solve for Detective Le Schmou!

Kajetan Uranitsch is an Austrian theater maker and player. He graduated in 2016 at the Academy for Theater and Dance in Amsterdam (Mime Opleiding). He has played at Schweigman &, Theater Artemis and Golden Palace and was involved in setting up youth theater company Kompanie Freispiel in Vienna.

Concept and performance: Kajetan Uranitsch 

© Anna van Kooij


29 maart16.30 - 17.20
30 maart14.00 - 14.50
30 maart16.30 - 17.20(Première)
31 maart13.00 - 13.50
31 maart16.00 - 16.50
1 april10.00 - 11.00
1 april13.00 - 13.50
2 april10.00 - 10.50
2 april13.00 - 13.50


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