Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

De keer dat iemand iets probeert

Patsy Kroonenberg

Theater Kikker, Kleine zaal

A search for vulnerability - does it lead to honesty?

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In De keer dat iemand iets probeert, Patsy Kroonenberg researches the vulnerability of the stage actor in hopes of finding honesty in the theatre. Responding to a series of prompts, three actors attempt to be honest. They keep trying, in spite of the stage they are on, the lights they are under, and the audience’s gaze they are facing. They are in search of that single moment when you’re at a party and you hear your favourite song, or when your telephone rings and it’s bad news, or that moment when the boy you’re in love with walks into the room. It’s those moments, this vulnerability, the type of honesty we are looking for.

The honest attempt, trying to find honesty, perhaps finding it. Watching the moment when someone makes an attempt.

Patsy Kroonenberg is a student at the HKU acting school. She performed in MAMMA by Alexandra Broeder for NTjong (Tweetakt 2018). During this edition, Patsy is also performing in #SCHIJN, the show Sanne Vogel is creating with the third-years from HKU acting school for Tweetakt.


Concept and directed by: Patsy Kroonenberg
Performance: Dagmar Ketelaers, Quiah Shilue en Sweder de Sitter
Guidance: Stephanie Louwrier


9 april18.45 - 19.45


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