Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

Burning Butterfly

Annica Muller / Likeminds

Theater Kikker, Kleine zaal

A raw search through night life for identity and love.

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Burning Butterfly is a (solo)show about nocturnal life at strip club La Luna: a theatrical tale based on autobiographical stories and interviews former colleagues. The show meanders back and forth between fiction and documentary, depicting both the beauty and the ugliness of night life, romanticised and unpredictable as it is. A search for identity and love following the path of destructiveness, addiction and redemption. Burning Butterfly scrutinizes male-female relations, sexuality and power.

Annica Muller (1991) graduated from the HKU acting school in Utrecht in 2015. Since then she has been making her own shows with the Just Another Prophecy collective. Her work is often centred on themes like the search for meaning and redemption and explores the lines dividing fiction from reality, art from kitsch. Annica has worked with artists like Marcus Azzini, Stef Lernous, Hannah van Mourik Broekmak, Tino Segnal, Eva Tijken, Birgit Wellink and Mustafa Duygulu.


Performance: Annica Muller
Directed by: Casper Vandeputte
Artistic guidance: Liet Lenshoek

With thanks to Barnaby Savage and Robin Berkelmans.


10 april20.30 - 21.20(Première)


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