Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June



Theater Kikker, Grote zaal

We yearn, reject and make our next move. A physical show about the desire for intimacy.

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In the rat race that is today’s society we are all competing with each other. We must be successful, perfection is the thing to strive for, and there’s no room for any doubt. Now how are you goingto pair this with establishing real contact with another human being? We yearn for intimacy but at the same time, we are afraid of it. Are you brave enough to reveal yourself?

How do you approach someone? And how far do you go? Do you lose yourself in the other person, or do you remain at a safe distance, an island unto yourself? Yearning for someone: it comes with a deluge of emotions and awkwardness is always just around the corner.

TYA company DEGASTEN has worked with a team of experts in awkwardness for this show: adolescents and young adults with a mental impairment who play with Theater LeBelle (part of the works study program of Cordaan care). They are the coo-creators of this collage show. Where the explorations were careful enough in BREKEN 1, BREKEN 2 hit closer to home. In BREKEN 3 everything revolves around the destructive urge to be with someone. BREKEN 3 show mankind in all its messiness.

‘A confronting and touching show about growing up and not subsiding in a world that can be tough..’ – artistic director of Over het IJ festival Simone Hogendijk

DEGASTEN creates stage shows with young people. They are personal, contemporary, metropolitan stories as seen through the eyes of the people who perform them. DEGASTEN is on a perpetual exploration of the power of drama in our times and is not afraid to confront its audience. Their shows are raw, physical, highly associative, compelling and musical.


Performance: Aeymad Qassabi, Akri Issa, Bram Flick, Chanan Molenaar, Daphne Masé, Dennis Kras, Emilio Pramatarov, Jeffroy Bruce, Jelle Diepstraten, Joshi Koudijs, Juliette Talakua, Kilian Visser, Klein Biha, Lindsey Vroom, Luna Delgado Valoroso, Lois Bergen, Maureen Vrijdag, Nabil Benkers, Roy Kaneza, Sander Koridon, Saul Bargai, Violet Münstermann and Wail Hegazy
Artistic direction: Elike Roovers en Rutger Esajas
Artistic direction theater LeBelle: Madelon van Riel
Music: DJ Lovesupreme
Decor: Mirko Lazović
Dramaturgy: Katja Hieminga
Text: Eva Maria de Wit
Costume design: Gerbrand Bos
Artistic producer: Wilbert Slagboom
Production: Jean-Pierre van Eer in collaboration with theater LeBelle, healthcare institution Cordaan and AHK

BREKEN was made at Over het IJ festival and the successor BREKEN 3 can be seen on Tweetakt


9 april20.00 - 21.45


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  • €16,- Volwassenen
  • €10,- Tot 18 jaar
  • €10,- Student
  • €10,- U-pas
  • Accessibility

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  • language no problem
  • rolstoelvriendelijk
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