Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June


Ntando Cele / Manaka Empowerment Productions

Theater Kikker, Kleine zaal

Decolonising the mind! Stand-up-performance-comedy-rock-show featuring a live band, about everyday racism.

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BLACK OFF is a funny and intelligent stand-up-performance-comedy-rockshow. With dressing up and incorrect humour on the one hand, and savage criticism and honesty on the other, The South-African performer Ntando Cele uncovers the hidden racism underlying our daily lives. She is accompanied by three musicians.

Blackfacing is still happening, you can still see it on television and in the theatre (just think of the Dutch figure of Zwarte Piet). It painfully reveals stereotypes and prejudice. In her show BLACK OFF, Ntando Cele turns the table around. Wearing a blonde wig and blue contact lenses, in other words, completely whitefaced, she takes to the stage as her white alter ego Bianca White. Bianca White is a white Zimbabwean, a globetrotter who teaches self-help courses. She believes that thanks to her travels she knows all there is to know about black people, and she wants to help them conquer their inner blackness. She means well, but oh my, is she racist. After the intermission, Vera Black takes over the stage, a black punk, and the polar opposite of Bianca White…

BLACK OFF alternates between laughter and tears, cliché and real, black and white, high and low. The performance has travelled to a wide range of international festivals, which means Tweetakt is super proud that this internationally acclaimed show is coming to Utrecht!

Ntando Cele was born in South-Africa. She studied Drama Studies in Durban, attended DasArts in Amsterdam and is currently living in Switzerland. In 2014 Ntando Cele founded Manaka Empowerment Productions with Simon Ho and Raphael Urweider. They combine performance, music, text and video. Raphael Urweider wrote the text for the first part of BLACK OFF. Admittedly, it is slightly absurd: a white Swiss author writing a text for a black actress playing a white self-help coach. But it helped both of them to move beyond the limits of good taste. It made her brave enough to say more and him to write more.


Concept and performance: Ntando Cele
Musical composition and piano: Simon Ho
Guitar/sidekick: Patrick Abt
Drums: Pit Hertig
Dramaturgy, co-direction and music: Raphael Urweider
Lighting design: Tonio Finkam
Technique, lighting and projection: Maria Liechti
Sound design: Valerio Rodelli
Production: Michael Röhrenbach


13 april19.30 - 21.25(Première)
14 april16.30 - 18.25


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