Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June


Pink Flamingooo / Willemijn Zevenhuijzen

Theater Kikker, Grote zaal

Step inside a whole new world: Gingerella and her darlings’ living room, where beauty is filthy and the norm never applies.

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There is a reason why this show’s subtitle is: a-story-without-a-story-but-with-a-lot-of-ass. It’s all about Gingerella, who has a message for the audience at Tweetakt:

Welll Helloooo kiddooos,

My name is Gingerella, I settled down my beautiful hairy ass at this cute Tweetakt Festival.
I created a cosy and smudgy living room, specially for you, so you can escape from your normal boring life and feel vivid again. I warmly invite you to come and have a look; together with my beautiful darlings MissBlack and Miss L.H.Kitten I will give you an assholistic experience with some divine/crooked acts. Dear kids don’t be scared we love you.

Kisses from the bottom of my filthy little heart Gingerella and darlingsssssss

So consider this your invitation to a cabaret of freaked-out acts and shameless nudity, offering absolutely nothing to hold onto and breaking every possible code society abides by. It’ll be a thrill to see where it leads, no matter what.

“We can’t be entirely sure you will ever walk into a living room the same again after seeing this show. With lots of bizarre wigs, naked boobs, screeching and ‘assholism’, Gingerella and her friends Miss Black and Miss L.H. Kitten are magically transforming their living room into a theatre.” – Het Parool

“Assholism is a merciless, uncompromising rebellion against the absurd human need to pigeonhole. These low, unfiltered characters, who are completely without pretence, will speak their mind, hug whoever they feel like hugging and vomit when they have to vomit. But they will soon find a place inside your heart.” –Theaterkrant

Willemijn Zevenhuijzen is a graduate from the Amsterdam Mime School. She has worked as a theatre maker and a performer with companies like Theater Artemis and NTjong, and as Pink Flamingooo she creates her own work in close collaboration with other artists.


Created and performed by: Eva Zwart, Tessa Jonge Poerink, Sacha Zwiers, Alexandra Broeder, Willemijn Zevenhuijzen and Klim Nelissen.
Co-created with funding from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.


12 april19.00 - 19.55
12 april21.30 - 22.25


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  • €16,- Volwassenen
  • €10,- Tot 18 jaar
  • €10,- Student
  • €10,- U-pas
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