Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

Karel + Ploegendienst

Festivalplein de Neude, Podiumkas

If there is one person with unpolished energy who can show you how to get loose, it's Karel: an anti-reaction to the current band culture in the Netherlands. The punk band Ploegendienst then creates a hard mix of 80's hardcore punk, or! and trash

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This evening is hosted by Stranded FM, the unconventional internet radio platform in Utrecht. In the broadcasting of this springboard for local talent, one can hear both new innovative acts and forgotten sounds.

Stranded FM: Too Many Creeps


Too Many Creeps! Inspired by the eponymous track by Bush Tantras, Maria & Camy are connected by their sharp political vision, DIY mentality and feminism. This duo will open the night with their field trips to post-punk, garage and other raw styles.


22.00 – 22.30 uur

If someone with endless energy can show you how to get loose, it is Karel. An anti-reaction to the current band culture in the Netherlands; no stiff hassle, just letting go completely! With the help of drum machines and synthesizers, he has created a sort of synthesizer pop, in the most lo-fi studio possible: his bedroom. You can hear that he used to listen to Level 42, New Order and Duran Duran there as well. But the influences of contemporary bands like John Maus and The Knife can also be found in his music.

Karel impressed the audience of Down the Rabbit Hole in 2018, and the jury of 3voor12, who placed him as 3rd on the list of best acts of that festival, with only Nick Cave and David Byrne above him. Long story short: Karel is going to be the next sensation of the Netherlands.

Stranded FM: Tala Drum Corps b2b Curling

22.30-23.30 en 00.15- 01.00

De Stranded-delegation is followed up by Tala Drum Corps and Curling.

Rattling percussions and an alienating mix of club and wave dominate the DJ sets of Tala Drum Corps. The Utrecht producer, DJ and Cultfarm resident slowly sends the dance floor to another dimension. Swords crossed, will he enter the stage together with Niels Koster a.k.a. Curling. Making an impression with his ‘Flip the Tape’ shows on Stranded FM, the vocalist of Throwing Bricks and Birth of Manuel gets his inspiration from an eclectic mix of, among others, metal, noise, shoegaze, EBM and hip-hop. Expect a session full of industrial wave and overdriven drums.


23.30 – 00.15 uur

Ploegendienst is mainly a hard-hitting punk band that likes to kick against everything: the masses, closed doors and public transport gates. The Dutch texts are about the biggest inconveniences of life: tourist terror, broken phones and the system. Ruthless lyrics that you want to scream with singer Ray Fuego (SMIB), perhaps the most furious frontman of the moment. He is assisted on stage by veterans of Auxa and Adolf Butler, sp it is only a matter of time for the mix of 80’s hardcore punk, oi! and trash explodes. Guaranteed demolition by the Ploe-Ploe-Ploegendienst.


5 april20.30 - 1.00


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  • €7,50 Tot 18 jaar
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