Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

Jiri11 + Jantje + Rarri Jackson + Gimbrère

Festivalplein de Neude, Podiumkas

Friday night is hip hop night!

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Rarri Jackson

20.30 – 21.00

The 20-year-old rapper Rarri Jackson, whom we know from the ANBU Gang, already has quite a few popular tracks to his name. Since 2016, this rapper from Eindhoven makes waves in the hip hop scene. His most famous song ‘Friesland’ is a catchy tune, in which not only singer and producer Jiri11, but also rapper and YouTuber Joost participate. In the summer of 2018 Rarri released his debut mixtape, named after himself. He is also the owner of a successful clothing line called ‘Rarri’.


21.30 – 21.50

The 15-year-old internet sensation Jantje released his first tracks in 2018, before he knew it, his tracks went completely viral. 1,000,000 streams, 17,000 followers and a first number of shows later, Jantje is ready to become one of the smallest biggest names. The entire scene is fan of Jantje and it will not be long before Jantje has managed to conquer the other hearts of hip-hop Netherlands.


22.15 – 23.00

In 2018, he performed with ANBU in the Podiumkas, and now Jiri11 will be flying solo. This creative all-rounder, musician pur sang and standard bearer of ANBU has only one big ambition: to conquer the world. With the group ANBU he was already on his way doing exactly this, with hits like ‘Barkie Op Zak’ and ‘Glo’d Up’. Both tracks were also produced by Jiri, just like the lion’s share of their other music. In the media, Jiri is praised for his energetic live performances and musicality. And as a child, he already played virtuoso flamenco guitar at the conservatory. This is no surprise when you see where his roots lie: a guitarist as father and Jim Taihuttu as brother, who is part of the successful international DJ-collective Yellow Claw.


23.00 – 01.00 (and between the shows)

The 21-year-old DJ and producer Gimbrère combines different styles of music with the sound of today. Expect music from the Brazilian favelas to music from the Atlanta bandos, all combined with his own edits of your favorite records. Gimbrère previously performed on Gaande, WOO HAH and Encore Festival and is ready to blow Tweetakt away with his energetic and danceable DJ set!


29 maart20.30 - 1.00


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