Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

De Voorkamer presents Culture Shock

Festivalplein de Neude

Een minifestival op Tweetakt met niet-westerse acts, storytellers, en de gelegenheid elkaar te ontmoeten.

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De Voorkamer is an initiative with which newcomers in Utrecht and the local community can meet each other. There are language lessons in both Dutch and Arabic, there are game nights under the name “Straffe Koffie”, and there is “Culture Shock”, a project where creative professionals from different backgrounds are invited to make music and art together. Tonight there is a mini festival on Tweetakt with non-Western acts, storytellers, and the opportunity to meet each other, in all corners of the Neude!

Time table

Podiumkas (seated max. cap. 50)

Minitheater (max. cap. 30)

Trekkerschuur (max. cap. 80)



Storytelling: Louay Giram Concert: Mehmet Polat

Storytelling: Sabawon Karimi Concert: Yank


Concert: Anan & Jasper


Storytelling: Joe Washington Concert: Cengiz Arslanpay

Storytelling: Sabawon Karimi Concert: Yank


Concert: Daniel Okiror


A storyteller will give a short introduction to various acts. Joe Washington from the US: “New beginnings traces various aspects of the storyteller’s path and the quest to connect the dots in one’s life!” He does his intro in English. Sabawon Karimi is from Pakistan. His contribution is entitled: “The electric sliding doors of a new world”. And Louay Biram from Syria will talk about how you can feel at home anywhere in the world.


Anan Al-Kadamani is a professional violinist. At the age of 15 he took a few violin lessons, but he mainly taught himself before he went to study at the Damascus Conservatory. He played in various Syrian bands and orchestras, including the Syrian Youth Orchestra and the Ministry of Culture orchestra. In 2017 Anan moved to the Netherlands and since then he has performed in, for example, the Cultuurhuis in Gouda, TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven.

Jasper Hutte is a multi-instrumental talent from our own country. His main instruments are the piano and other keyboard instruments. He started playing tunes on his keyboard at the age of eleven and soon he developed a passion for creating his own sound. For his graduation from the HKU Composition for the Media, he created a folk dance performance based on Balkan music. At the moment, Jasper earns his living by accompanying choirs with the piano.

The artist Cengiz Arslanpay plays traditional instruments such as the nay, the duduk and the kaval, all three woodwinds. He plays them in the traditional way, but also seeks out the possibilities by combining them with electronic or other contemporary instruments.

Thanks to his multilingualism, multi-talented Daniel Okiror from Uganda is the right candidate to integrate world music from East Africa with afrobeat, pop, jazz and folk into the western society of which he has been a member since 2016.

Mehmet Polat is a skilled ud player, composer, ensemble leader and soloist who has since been responsible for many international tours. From Africa to India, Persia to the Balkans, from modern to jazz, he combines different music styles from his very broad musical background. It is formed by Alevism, a mystical movement in Islam, folk music from Anatolia and classical music from the Ottoman Empire. Through improvisation, his own compositions and his view of the variety of music styles, Mehmet is constantly looking for new musical paths and inspiration.

Turkish multi-instrumentalist Yank was part of a number of well-known bands in the alternative music scene in Istanbul, before releasing a solo album in 2016. Touring through Europe and Turkey, he brings a cheerful melancholy to the stage, a combination of sweet melodies and unique harmonies with texts in his native language. Although his compositions stem from singer-songwriter traditions, he does not shy away from combining or transforming different genres.


9 april20.00 - 22.30


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