Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

The Pure Necessity

David Claerbout

Fort Ruigenhoek, Groenekan

The bare necessities of life, you can pick them up from watching these bears.

The Jungle Book, the classic Disney animated film from 1967 – who hasn’t seen it? And do you remember Baloo’s song ‘The bare necessities’? Artist David Claerbout has processed The Jungle Book into a fifty-minute video piece. It took twelve people a full three years to create the new animation. Normally, ‘to animate’ means ‘to breathe life into’. But David Claerbout and his team did the opposite. Drawing exact replicas of the images from The Jungle Book, they stripped them of all their human-like qualities. Then they edited their images together and, hey presto. All the life had been drained from their picture.

Claerbout has given the animals back their jungle and their ‘normal lives’. Now they are passers-by in a documentary, rather than actors in a movie De Tijd

It is a film without Mowgli, without dialogue, without a story and without action. The animals behave exactly the way their species behave. No Baloo, Bagheera or Kaa, they are simply ‘bear’, ‘panther’ and ‘python’. They don’t burst into song and dance, they don’t do slapstick. They are lonely animals with empty, boring lives. They wander around aimlessly and sometimes they aren’t even in the frame. You’ll find yourself staring at an empty landscape. It’s like spotting wildlife in a real forest: you don’t see deer or boars or other spectacular animals everywhere. Often, you’ll feel bored and have an acute sense of time passing. But it’s a wonderful thing to do, and hypnotising. Just like watching this film.

Barely five minutes in, the children start asking ‘if it’s going to be much longer’. To them, The Pure Necessity is incredibly boring. That’s OK. To be bored is not a waste of time, to me, time is wealth. It’s OK to fall asleep while watching .” – David Claerbout

David Claerbout (Belgium, 1969) lives and works in Antwerp and Berlin. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1995 and makes photographs, videos and audio art. David Claerbout is a world-famous artist who is best known for his huge video projections. His work has been on display in leading locations worldwide, like the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Yvon Lambert Gallery in New York, Akademie der Künste in Berlin and Museum De Pont in Tilburg.

Admission to The Pure Necessity is free to visitors of the fort. Day-tickets to Fort Ruigenhoek are available from the box office at the fort. No online ticket sales. For further information about Tweetakt at Fort Ruigenhoek, visit here.


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  • Extra informatie: Bovengenoemde prijzen zijn van de dagkaarten die toegang geven tot alle activiteiten op Fort Ruigenhoek, met uitzondering van enkele theatervoorstellingen. Dagkaarten zijn alleen bij de ingang van het fort te koop.
    Locatie: Fort Ruigenhoek, Groenekan