Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

Shake Shake Shake: first edition

De Dansers

Festivalplein de Neude, Trekkerschuur

Combine a live band with dancers and end up with a festively swinging cocktail!

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Shake Shake Shake is a dance concert that features a live band of dancers and musicians brewing a festive, rebellious cocktail using their bodies, voices and instruments. Dancers become musicians; musicians become dancers. The musicality of the show is an invitation to move and shake and lose  all your blues.

This work-in-progress sees dancers and musicians taking their audiences  on a trip to explore how dance can become integrated in a concert. The results of this research will be presented this summer at various festivals, including Oerol.

“A celebration for tomboys and wild thinkers. A compelling live concert gradually flies off the rails in this highly physical dance show. (…) a sublime and sublimated form of gymnastics: instinctive, energetic, not for the faint-hearted.” – Theaterfestival Boulevard

De Dansers is an Utrecht-based company of dancers and musicians. Led by choreographer/dancer Josephine van Rheenen and composer/musician Guy Corneille they produce and present dance shows. De Dansers cmae to earlier editions of Festival Tweetakt with their shows Binnenbeest (2017) and The Basement (2016).


Choreography in combination with the performers: Josephine van Rheenen 
Live music and dance: Marie Khatib-Shahidi, Yoko Ono Haveman, Ruben van Asselt, Guy Corneille, Wannes De Porre and Hans Vermunt
Concept: Josephine van Rheenen en Guy Corneille
Production: Danae Bos 
Technique: Chieljan van der Hoek
Business advice: Miriam Gilissen 

With thanks to Gemeente Utrecht and Fonds Podiumkunsten


14 april19.15 - 19.50


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  • €5,- Tot 18 jaar
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