Festival Tweetakt 2020
27 March till 14 June

Rushing Faces


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Put in your earplugs and GO! Lock out the noise and see the hustle and bustle of the city through different eyes.

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How busy things are, and how fast everything moves! In the city, in our lives, all around us we see people in a hurry. It only seems to be getting worse. We run from one point to the next, as fast as we can. No time to make real contact: strangers remain strangers, we fail to notice our neighbours, we forget to watch the sunset.

Thankfully Rushing Faces is here. A city tour that asks you to stand still. Plugged in on your mobile phone, you isolate yourself from the outside world for a 45-minute trip through the heart of Utrecht.  But don’t worry, you won’t be ‘only the lonely’! You mix with the stream of participants on the move and follow the itinerary like a single flowing mass. And you undergo a tour in the private bubble of the soundscape: alone, yet together. This is the feeling of the big city.

Rushing Faces is a unique several-sites-specific show with eleven performers from the DOX talent development programme, who are crossing the city under the artistic direction of the ROTOR performance-collective.

DOX is THE homebase for talented young performers in Utrecht. At DOX, talent development and creating shows are indelibly connected. Young people’s own lives and culture are the main inspiration for DOX’ productions. With Rushing Faces DOX is presenting the collaboration between the performers who have come up through the DOX talent development programme and the ROTOR performance collective, which is led by Hidde Aans-Verkade and Koen van der Heijden. ROTOR is the result of a shared fascination for exploring the physical possibilities of the human body; a fascination for admiration, the magic of the power to use the body to lose yourself in a fantasy; the myth of Sisyphus.


Concept, choreography and direction: Hidde Aans-Verkade en Koen van der Heijden (ROTOR)
Performers: Gercon Brahm, Fabienne van Eldik, Joey Mulder, Levi Rapaport, Mirjam Ravier, Quincy Otgaar, Ser Sebico, Yarmill Kromhout, Aissa Kraaijenbrink, Ayse Nur Salli, David van der Veen, Elisa Eicker, Gino Sanders, Jordy Jansen, Lara Valentic, Marko Šakić, Nadine Wijshoff en Tim Kromhout


30 maart13.30 - 14.15(Première)
30 maart16.00 - 16.45
31 maart13.30 - 14.15
31 maart16.00 - 16.45
6 april13.30 - 14.30
6 april16.00 - 17.00
7 april15.00 - 16.00
7 april17.30 - 18.30


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  • €4,- Tot 18 jaar
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