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27 March till 14 June

Paradise Now (1968 - 2018)

Michiel Vandevelde / fABULEUS

Stadsschouwburg, Blauwe Zaal

Flowerpower forever!

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Paradise now (1968-2018) is a performance with 13 youngsters. The legendary performance Paradise now (1968) from The Living Theatre serves as a starting point. Michiel Vandevelde looks with a new generation of youngsters to how the world has evolved during these 50 years between 1968 and 2018. What has remained from the questions, desires and values of the sixties? How were ideas developed during the past years? How do the youngsters look to this history and how would they see their future?

In this new creation Vandevelde looks back in order to be able to say something about the future. In a world where ideology has been defeated, where climate change is a concrete threat to our existence, and where digital technology had drastically reshaped public discourse, it seems no longer possible to think the future. And yet, when 13 youngsters scan through 50 years of history, in a wild choreography of iconic images, maybe new perspectives open up.  

“A beautiful symbol for the disappointment about the sixties counterculture.”De Volkskrant ***

“Many of the moments they portray are known only from the history lesson, and yet they show how they also carry some of the ideals of 50 years ago.” – The newspaper ****

“And a chunk of beautiful young violence (…) Flowerpower forever.” – Theaterkrant ***

… 13 Flemish teenagers gave remarkable, identity mutating performances, eventually writhing in orgiastic togetherness and abandon. The aim in 1968 was to inspire revolution in its audiences. At the Sophiensale Theater on Saturday, the uprising was a standing ovation.” – New York Times

Michiel Vandevelde studied dance and choreography at P.A.R.T.S., Brussels. He is active as a choreographer, curator, writer and editor. In his work he explores which other social, economic and cultural alternatives we can imagine in order to question, challenge and transform dominant logics and ways of organizing.

fABULEUS is a unique production house for dance and theater. The main focus is the artistic collaboration between young talent and experienced makers. Since its creation, fABULEUS has consistently put dance on the agenda for a young audience and plays a pioneering role internationally. fABULEUS won the Ultima for the Performing Arts 2016, the cultural prize of the Flemish Community.

Choreography: Michiel Vandevelde
Performed by: Zulaa Antheunis, Sarah Bekambo, Jarko Bosmans, Bavo Buys, Wara Chavarria, Judith Engelen, Abigail Gypens, Lore Mertens, Anton Rys, Margot Timmermans, Bo Van Meervenne, Esra Verboven, Aron Wouters
Choreography assistant: Zoë Demoustier
Dramaturgy: Kristof van Baarle
Costume design: Lila & John
Feedback: Esther Severi, Dries Douibi
Production: fABULEUS
Coproduction: STUK 


5 april19.00 - 20.30


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