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27 March till 14 June


Alice Ripoll / Suave

Theater Kikker, Grote zaal

A Brazilian dance to celebrate life, from the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

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Watch ten young Brazilian dancers from the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro dancing as if their lives depended on it. They have their own style of dancing: dancinha, derived from the passinho, a popular dance from these troubled neighbourhoods. A combination of pop, funk, breakdance and Brazilian dances like the samba, it is explosive, wild, crazy, fast and rough. For these young dancers it is the ultimate way to express themselves and their emotions, to celebrate life to the fullest and have fun. Meanwhile, the government is keeping a watchful eye: to keep control over the favelas, they have banned parties involving these styles of dancing.

The Portuguese word ‘cria’ means ‘young creature’. It is used in the streets to address a young person who is important to you. And it is a form of the verb ‘to create’. CRIA explores a mix of affection and sensuality through a combination of funk and contemporary dance.

“The Passinho is the dance of hope for a generation in Brazil.” – Tracks Magazine

Alice Ripoll is a rising star in the international choreography scene. She is closely involved in social and political projects. Four years ago, she met a group of dancers and was inspired by their lust for life and their courage to keep on dancing despite the ban by the Brazilian government. Alice and these dancers joined forces and formed the group Suave. Together they created a show with the same name, Suave (2014), presenting it at Hamburg Summer Festival, Zurich Theater Spektakel, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival and elsewhere. CRIA is their second dance show.

Directed by: Alice Ripoll
Performed by: Tiobil Dançarino Brabo, Kinho JP, VN Dançarino Brabo, Nyandra Fernandes, May Eassy, Romulo Galvão, Sanderson BDD, Thamires Candida, GB Dançarino Brabo en Ronald Sheick
Production: Rafael Fernandes
Production assistant and sound technician: Alan Ferreira
Lighting: Andréa Capella
Costume design: Raquel Theo
Funk musical director: DJ Pop Andrade
Design: Caick Carvalho
Video and photography: Renato Mangolin
Manager: Sarah De Ganck

With thanks to Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Casa do Jongo and Rafael Machado Fisioterapia


4 april20.30 - 21.20(Première)
5 april21.00 - 21.50


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  • €10,- Tot 18 jaar
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  • €10,- U-pas
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