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Volunteer roles

Would you like to volunteer at the festival? On this page you can read which volunteer roles there are to choose from at Festival Tweetakt.

Volunteer roles at the festival

These were the volunteer roles during previous editions of Festival Tweetakt. We’ll provide more information about the available roles for Festival Tweetakt 2021 at a later date.

Construction team at Fort Ruigenhoek

The Construction Team at Fort Ruigenhoek is a creative and educational role. On this team you’ll be working at the Fort, with the artists and the Tweetakt producers, in the bunkers where the artworks are exhibited. Here you’ll assist in a range of activities and you construct the festival in the open air. The jobs vary from traveling along with the truck, to building up the structures, to painting and building artworks. This role suits you if you have an affinity with art and if you just like to roll up your sleeves! Construction at Fort Ruigenhoek starts in the third week of March. The deconstruction will start in the third week of June.

Audience assistants

In this role you are Tweetakt’s calling card, so being welcoming and customer-friendly is the key requirement. As an audience assistant you are present in the theatre halls or at other festival locations. You scan the tickets, answer visitors’ questions and help during the performances. As an audience assistant you are flexible, you don’t mind if it suddenly becomes busy or if it’s quiet, and you can switch gears quickly. You are representative and you like to be in contact with the visitor. You are familiar with the Festival Tweetakt programme and you enjoy knowing all the programme elements. If you recognise yourself in this description, this job is made for you!

Toast champions

Attention toast champions! Would you like to let all the Festival Tweetakt visitors have a treat, do you also have professional kitchen ambitions and do you enjoy doing varied work? Then this role is for you. In this team you will be toasting sandwiches and you also support the Waiting team with all kinds of odd jobs. In short: ideal to gain hospitality experience!


In the kitchen the Catering Team organizes things with the chefs and the Waiting Team to ensure that the meals are ready on time, so that all employees, artists and volunteers can enjoy their food on time. As a catering volunteer you are hospitable, you enjoy making people happy with a bite to eat, and you look after your working environment. In addition, you support the Waiting Team and the kitchen with odd jobs during peak hours in the Restaurantkas.

Box office & information team

Are you reliable, enthusiastic and interested in the theatre and music programme of Festival Tweetakt? As a cashier you are the first point of contact for the visitor. You are also the link between ticket sales and the participating location. You sell tickets and give visitors information about performances. You know the programme well and know how to communicate this to our audiences. In short, you give tailormade advice. Checkout experience is nice but not a requirement. We provide a cash register and information training in which you get acquainted with the festival programme, ticket sales and the cash register system. Due to the responsibilities of this role, a small compensation is available.

Fort guide

As a Fort guide you are sociable and supervise the artworks at Fort Ruigenhoek. Here you are the festival’s calling card and the first point of contact for visitors to the artworks. You help create the relaxed atmosphere at the Fort. At the same time you’re alert, flexible and don’t mind if there is nothing to do, or if it is very busy. Together with the employees and the other volunteers you ensure that the artworks are well presented and that visitors are aware of the various activities. Do you understand people, do you like being outdoors and do you enjoy talking about art? Then the role of Fort guide is something for you! It is important that you are not afraid to start a conversation. Engagement with the visitors, the artworks and showing initiative are central to this role.


Are you flexible and don’t mind doing several different chores? As a flexer you don’t always know in advance what you’ll be doing during your shift. You’ll be sent where you are needed at that moment and often take on various roles in one day. The nice thing about this team? You get to know all the different departments and activities of the festival. This is a suitable role for a Jack or Jill of all trades, who likes to be sent all over the place, but who also doesn’t mind having to wait around for work to do once in a while. In this team you get to know many people from the other teams and you are a true all-rounder. Previous volunteer experience is nice but not necessary.

Swing carousel team

We are looking for volunteers who want to serve our famous Tweetakt Zweefmolen (swing carousel)! The swing carousel can be found at Fort Ruigenhoek. As an operator of the carousel you are attentive, considerate and good with children. Would you like to take responsibility for the floating Tweetakt visitors and the swing carousel? Then this role is for you! Due to the responsibility of this role, a small compensation is available.

Waiting at Fort Ruigenhoek

Do you have affinity with waiting or do you want to gain experience? At Fort Ruigenhoek you can get started in our festival café where delicious apple pie, and more, is served. You assist the cook and the head of the bar with their work. Waiting experience is not a requirement but it is an advantage. Do you want to get started in the most beautiful outdoor location in the hospitality industry? Then sign up for this role!

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